Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

Brickkiln Street School

Great Brickkiln Street

Frontage to Great Brickkiln Street.

Listing:  Opened 1878.  Predominantly Queen Anne style.  Typical highly ornamented Board School design.  Retains many original features.  Survives in an area largely redeveloped in recent years and therefore an important link to the history of the area. Locally Listed, approved November 2001.


The tower, the base of which appears in the upper picture, was once much higher but was felled in the interests of safety.  

The school was one of the first Board schools built by the School Board and replaced the nonconformist schools attached to Queen Street Congregational Church and Temple Street Chapel.

Frontage to Cherry Street.

In 2001/2 the school was in use as temporary premises for a school whose buildings are being redeveloped.  After they move out the future of these buildings must be in doubt but they certainly ought to be put to some use.  The area they are in is only partially redeveloped with a number of vacant sites around.  This is one of the buildings that could be a feature in a comprehensive plan.