Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

80 Chapel Ash

ListingBuilt in an approximate Georgian style, this building replaced an earlier carriage works and garage and dates from the late 1940s. Its rainwater hoppers are embossed with the letters JHB 1948. Though altered at ground floor, the Classical first floor window surrounds, balustraded parapet, clock and cupola give the building a distinctive appearance. It is notable for its corner location on the approach to the city, forming a pair of 'gateposts' with locally listed nos. 17‑31 Chapel Ash opposite.

Comment:   The building stands out because of its use of stone in any area of brick and its use of obvious classic features in any area otherwise mostly devoid of them.  The style is one not much liked by architectural critics (probably because it is not "correct" classical) but much liked by the passing public.  This example of the style has a dolls' house quality and is rather pretty. 

For many years the building was part of the Charles Clark automotive empire but in more recent years has mostly held kitchen and bathroom vendors.