Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

Eagle Works

Corner of Great Brickkiln Street and Alexander Street

The Great Brickkiln Street frontage.

Listing:  Three storey Victorian industrial building built in at least 2 phases.  Brick with cast iron windows.  Later section along Alexander Street has painted sign "Eagle Works". That facing Great Birckkiln Street formerly part of Reliance Hemp and Flax Mills.  Landmark and rare survivor of factory of the period in this area. Locally Listed, approved November 2001.

Comment:  Factory buildings of this style must once have been ten-a-penny in Wolverhampton but we have now reached the stage where the survivors certainly need protecting. This building seems to be well used at the moment. Other things being equal the new Sainsbury's development will reach right up to it (but will not include it).  It is to be hoped that this building can be restored as a monument to what this area once was.

The Alexander Street frontage.

Like many such buildings it has had a variety of occupants, very often more than one at a time.  Apart from the Reliance Hemp and Flax Mill, there is evidence of the use of  at least parts of it as a mattress factory, a bicycle factory, and a brass and gun metal foundry.

The Alexander Street building now houses a number of artists' studios.