Wolverhampton's Listed and Locally Listed Buildings

East Park, its clock tower,
bandstand, lodge, gates and walls
Hickman Road


Clock Tower:  1895.  Possibly by Dan Gibson.  Polished granite plaque to north east records erection as memorial to J. Lysaght by employees of Swan Garden and Osier Bed Ironworks.  The park was laid out by T. H. Mawson with work by Dan Gibson.

Local listing:

East Park: Second public park created by Wolverhampton Council in 1895-6. Design by Borough Surveyor with assistance from Thomas Mawson.


The Lodge, gates, gate piers and curtain walls. Original features of East Park. 1895-6. Architect: Dan Gibson.
The first public park in Wolverhampton was West Park. East Park seems to have been created to balance up the provision of parks.

Originally it was miles from anywhere and was created on industrial wasteland. Its large lake constantly leaked and was filled in.

There is now a paddling pool. The park is now surrounded by more housing that it ever has been and is therefore probably more useful than it ever has been. It has survived the years and its vicissitudes remarkably well.

Through the main gates one enters upon a very fine avenue of mature trees, on each side of which is a football pitch; these pitches must be in the most decorative setting of any in the town.

Bandstand: Original feature of East Park. 1896. Rare surviving example of a cast iron Victorian bandstand.
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Note that the Park itself and as a whole is locally listed - something which you can't do on the national list.