Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

Methodist Church

Hurst Road, Hurst Hill

Listing:   1860s Methodist Church of historic interest.  Interior survives largely intact including pews and a plaster ceiling.  Some sympathetic alteration in the 1920s.  School room survives next door.  Landmark building and historic interest. Locally Listed, approved November 2001.


A large and impressive church, in a kind of vernacular brick classical, with a general effect not totally unlike more industrial buildings of the time. 

A bold survivor of the Black Country village of Hurst Hill, which is now largely suburbia.  It stands near the top of a hill and has extensive views over the Black Country towards Bilston and Walsall.


The interior, with its gallery and box pews, is well preserved.  The church members have an active religious and social life and are important in maintaining the identity of Hurst Hill. 

They are also well aware of the interest of the building and are doing all they can to preserve it.  The flags and the television set were there for a fund raising event.

One of the family sized pews, which are grouped towards the back of the church, each with its own little table.

A corner of the ceiling, showing the plasterwork.

This ceiling, and the organ, are the next in line for restoration - but the cost is going to be great.