Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

65 Merridale Road

At the rear of 63 Merridale Road

Listing:  Victorian industrial building located to the rear of No.63.  Unusual survivor.  No clues to original use. Locally Listed, approved November 2001.

Comment:  This building appears on the 1901 map (and may well be a good deal older than that), apparently in a separate plot from the houses surrounding it.  Nevertheless it might just be an example of a factory built in a back garden.  It is in an area in which there was little industry and it is hard to guess why it was built out here.  In its general style it is typical of many Wolverhampton industrial buildings, few of which are now left.  Wolverhampton, like the rest of the Black Country, was not a town of vast factories but of innumerable small ones like this.