Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

Merridale Court

Merridale Road

Listing:  Complex of flats designed for the council in 1952/3 by Bertram Butler & co..  Well designed example of early post-war social housing with many attractive features.  Includes individual stores for each flat and communal drying areas.  Social history and architectural interest.  Recently fitted with uPVC windows. Locally Listed, approved November 2001.

Comment:  Running up the hill towards Bantock Park, the flats, with their wide greensward, have a sort of dignity not often associated with council housing.  This was the time when other councils had built things like Quarry Bank.  Usually Wolverhampton's council housing was more humane in design and layout than many others, if lacking the determined eccentricity of much of Bilston's.  Perhaps the entrance facade, with its reference to the "streets in the sky" notion, lacks the class or status of the rest.