Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

Former Newmarket Public House 
and Working Men's Club
Cleveland Road

Listing: Locally listed, approved March 2000, c.1850. Building in late Georgian style. Incorporates carriage arch. Of townscape and group value with Royal Hospital and Baker's boot and shoe factory.

Comment: The group to which value is added includes, Baker's shoe factory, the Dixon's building and the Royal Hospital, making a very interesting but currently much neglected quarter.  Dixons is in good order; the fate of the Royal is in the balance; plans are approved for revitalising Baker's.  Most of this area is in the hands of Tesco, who seem unable to come up with a satisfactory plan for their area. 

This building is an interesting enough bit of late Georgian/early Victorian but seems to be in such appalling condition that it will need a complete rebuild to save it.  Bearing in mind that the city is not short of such buildings, this may be a case where we could lose something if doing so would enable a high quality redevelopment of the rest of the area, and the preservation of other important buildings, to come about.