Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

Stonefield Primary and Secondary School

Prosser Street, Bilston

Listing:   Primary School built in 1906. Built around a central hall, highly ornate with large imposing windows.  Many original features, including turrets, tall iron railings and terracotta details.  The associated building is inter-war date.  The complex is a high visible landmark and an important feature of Bilston town centre. Locally Listed, approved November 2001.


Although some of the surrounds look very neglected, the buildings are still in use as a school - the interiors are well decorated and maintained.

The railings, which are not by one of the large Wolverhampton firms but by Jones of West Bromwich, are interesting. 

They appear to rest on terracotta copings; but these copings are, as the photo shows, painted cast iron and came as part of the railings, not as part of the wall.