Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

(former C. E. Marshall building)
Paul Street and Jeddo Street

Listing:  Former Sunbeamland cycle factory.  Historic/industrial archaeology interest.  Landmark building. Locally Listed, approved November 2001.

Comment:  This is one of the most important remaining monuments to the transport industry in the city.  It is of the greatest historical importance and an interesting example of the development of factory architecture.  It is also a prominent landmark on an important entrance to the town and on the ring road. In December 2001 it was submitted for national listing by Frank Sharman and Bev Parker.

Listing was refused, apparently on the grounds that it was not a very important motorcycle factory and did not have enough of either historic or architectural interest to justify listing. This is incomprehensible in itself and, at best, illustrates how something, which is of the greatest local interest and importance, is not rated nationally.

For several years the whole site was owned by the developers, Mucklows. In 2009 it was acquired by Urban Splash, which has an incredible track record for redeveloping old buildings and putting them to new use. Sadly due to a lack funding for the project, it has been abandoned, and the building put-up for sale. Its future is now in doubt again. Luckily the site has been made secure to deter would-be vandals, but if anyone does take it on, it will require a very large sum of money to make the building habitable. Unfortunately this seems very unlikely in these harsh economic times.