Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

Former Synagogue

Fryer Street

Listing: Small purpose built synagogue. Foundation stone 1858 but rebuilt 1903. Important landmark in social history of the town. Fine interior survives intact. Locally Listed, approved March 2000.

Comment: Although the facade is quite elaborate, the synagogue is very modestly situated, on two small streets, between an office, a car park and the old Chubb's factory. The Jewish community in Wolverhampton, though it seems to have become established quite early, was never very large. In recent years it declined in size, and at least to some extent, spiralled down when Jewish people left because of the decline in the community size. The synagogue was closed a few years ago when the number could no longer warrant its retention in use. Its future was in some doubt, but the building has now been purchased, and after refurbishment will soon be used for worship again, although this time it will be Christian worship. Extensive building work will be required because of the poor state of the far wall which overlooks the car park, and the bad condition of the roof. Most of the internal features however will remain.