Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

K6 Telephone Kiosk

Outside Post Office, Pendeford Avenue

Listing:   K6 telephone kiosk.  Now rare survivor in the borough. Locally Listed, approved March 2000.

Comment:  A perfectly standard K6 telephone kiosk, first introduced in 1936.  60,000 of them were erected throughout the UK.  This one appears to be pre-1956, when a slight change was made to the area of the crown and cypher;  the change allowed the Scottish crown and cypher to replace "EIIR".  The replacement for the K6 was not the K7 (which never went into production) but the K8 (with a flat roof and no glazing bars).  K6's were replaced at a tremendous rate. Survivors are rare and most of them are in country parts where they are kept mainly because people think they look traditional.  Urban specimens like this are very rare.  (The eyelet sticking out of the top left corner in the picture was originally provided for bringing the overhead wire into the box). These are the boxes which, when replaced, were sold off in great numbers and converted to many and various uses. (For the K6 box generally, see Niel Johannessen, Telephone Boxes, Shire Publications, 1999).