Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

Kirk's and Quicksilver's

Woolpack Street

Listing: early C18.

Comment: the listed buildings do not include Kirk's shop but the part of their premises next to it; and the two buildings beyond, with the red amusement arcade fascia. The listing says that this "includes 54, 55 and 56 St. John Street", reflecting the fact that these buildings are on the line of street that went through where the Mander Centre now stands (highly visible to the left hand top of our photo), down the hill, past Mander's varnish and ink factory, past the old Grammar School and out into Victoria Street. 

It would be quite irrelevant to remark here that Kirk's is one of a number of first class local butchers, whose varied sausages, pies and the like win prizes at salons cuisenaires.  Wolverhampton used to have an exceptionally high number of butcher's shops:  the local workers in iron and steel were well enough paid to be able to afford it and they thought they needed it to build up their strength for the heavy work.