Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

The Royal Hospital

Cleveland Road

Listing: 1845 by Edward Banks. Edward VII Memorial Wing, 1912. Classical style. The hospital was the first major commission of a notable Wolverhampton architect.

Literature: Neil Fox, A History of the Royal Hospital, privately published, nd [c.1999?].  And see Neil Fox's account on this website: click here.

Comment: The first major hospital in Wolverhampton it had a natural importance to the town not only for its medical services but for its community involvement in its fund raising activities. Over time its site had many accretions, some of which seem to have architectural merit in their own right. 

Since the hospital moved out to New Cross the site has been embroiled in development machinations.  The city council decided that only one more supermarket in or near the town centre was needed and, although the Royal site was shortlisted it lost out, in their opinion, to the Raglan Street site.  Sainsbury's got that site and are going ahead with a large scale plan to redevelop that area.  Tesco have now got this site and produced a plan to build a supermarket near by and to turn the main part of the Royal into residential accommodation.  Nobody liked it much and they went away to think again.  That was two or three years ago and nothing has been heard (officially) since.  Tesco clearly have a problem fitting their requirements on to the site whilst preserving the listed buildings.  Even if they manage to do it, they will also have a problem with the council, who seem not to want a superstore here. You can follow this saga and get further details in the News section of this site.  In the meantime, we all live in hope - but increasingly little hope - that something will be done about this very important site, both for the benefit of the historic buildings and for the benefit of the much deprived All Saints area.