Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

Royal London Friendly Society Building

11-19 Lichfield Street

Listing: 1902. By Essex, Nichols and Goodman. Edwardian Baroque Style.

Awards: Wolverhampton Environmental Awards, 2000, Winner.

Comment: "Edwardian Baroque" seems a good enough label to apply to this building, though "a bit of everything" might also serve. The last but one building to be built on that side of Lichfield Street in the great re-building.  

The main entrance to the building is the rather squat round headed archway, to the right in the top photo.  But the panel above the arch is graced by this panel in glazed terracotta by Carters of Poole.  The initials in the left and centre roundels are RLFS - Royal London Friendly Society. It changed its name to Royal London Mutual in about 1908. The date in the right roundel is 1902.

The building is now known as the Royal London Building.  It was refurbished in 2000 to provide flats on the upper floors and the exterior was cleaned up.  The upper floor flats are with the Heantun Housing Association.  But the site owners seem to have had a problem keeping the ground floor shops in decent order.

The building has a curious claim to fame:  the tailor, Snape, who used to occupy one of the shops, made Norman Wisdom's stage suits.