Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

Footbridge over the West End of Bentley Canal

Wyrley and Essington Canal, Wednesfield

Listing:  Footbridge.  Mid C19.

Comment:  A nice example of a cast iron canal bridge.  The towpath surfacing has been renewed but the bit over the bridge maintains the raised courses which were supposed to give the horses some grip.  The top rail is deeply scored by ropes. 

The canal to the left of the picture is the Wyrley and Essington, part of the BCN.  It is known as the Curly Wyrley (Wyrley has always been pronounced to rhyme with curly) because, being a contour canal, it wiggles about a great deal.  On the right, under the bridge, is the Bentley Canal.  In fact it runs up to the pub in the background and then stops, its original route now lost under the car park of the multi-screen cinema and entertainment complex.