Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

Jordan's Bridge, Fox's Lane Bridge,
Dunstall Park Bridge, Aldersley Junction Bridge
Birmingham Canal Navigations

Jordan's Bridge.

Fox's Lane Bridge.    

Dunstall Park Bridge.

Aldersley Junction Bridge.    

(Note that Aldersley Bridge is a different bridge, on the Staffs & Worcs)

Listing: Like the locks on the flight, all the bridges are listed as: c.1770. By Brindley, Whitworth and Simcock, engineers.

Local listing: remains of 18th century canalside buildings, including underground stabling adjacent to the junction of the Birmingham Canal and the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal.

Comment: the other listed bridge on the flight is Littles Lane Bridge. The local list deals with an important collection of canal buildings of which nearly everything above ground has vanished. One lives in hope of some industrial archaeology being done on this site and the site made available to the public.