Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

Retaining Wall and Arcade, Low Level Station
("The Colonnades")
Wednesfield Road

Listing:   Retaining wall to high level railway line incorporating an arcaded pedestrian gallery known as "The Colonnades" and underpass. For the London and North Western Railway (high level lines).

Comment:  In the exterior view, above, the Low Level Station building is off to the left. The High Level Station can be seen above the wall. The colonnade provides a pedestrian access from one station to the other. It is built in blue brick with stone dressings, matching the Low Level Station.

An interior view, above, of one end of the arcade only. It is lined throughout in white glazed brick (not tiles - which is probably why they are still in place).

This is a  very remarkable structure, made necessary by the way in which, and the times at which, railways came to Wolverhampton. Walking along here is still an interesting experience; when the Low Level Station is restored and alive again, it will be one of the great sights. 

In November 2003 the restoration of this structure was completed.  The work had been carried out to coincide with the proposed redevelopment of the Low Level Station - which did not come about.  But almost to the day that the Colonnades were re-opened it was announced that a new company had acquired the Low Level Station and were going to put forward new proposals for the Low Level station.