Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

Mill Street Depot

Corn Hill, Wolverhampton

Listing:  Railway goods depot now offices and workshops.  1849-52 with later alterations. For Shrewsbury and Birmingham Railway and London and North Western Railway.  Interior well preserved, basement originally bonded store ....  A good and well preserved example of an early railway goods depot.

Comment: This large and good looking building is a significant feature in the history of railways in Wolverhampton, as well as being a testament to the importance of railway distribution to Wolverhampton industry.  But it looks to us exactly like a typical product of Crewe, under Frank Webb between 1871 and 1903, where buildings were designed to be built out of components, producing variants on a standard design.  (Crewe even made their own bricks).  It seems to be from the middle of the Webb period, which puts it later than the listing would have it.  But whoever is right, it is a fine building, very worthy of preservation.