Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

Top Lock and Top Lock Cottages

Wednesfield Road. Birmingham Canal Navigations.

Listing: Cottages: 2 cottages. Late C18 with later alterations. Included for group value.

Comment: The pound above the top lock forms Hay Basin. Off it, to the left of the photo, was the Victoria arm, leading to an interchange basin. The area has now been landscaped and the Hay Basin is now a tranquil park.  This is very different from the time when 'Ampton Top Lock was a busy bottleneck in the BCN system and consequently the scene of many fights between boatmen disputing priority for the next turn to descend the locks. The cottages were for canal workers and were an important control point on the system. The "alterations" are mostly alterations for canal purposes and the cottages are more interesting and important than the "included for group value only" allows. Note the ornate lamp bracket.