Wolverhampton Listed Buildings

The Old House (The Headmaster's House)

College Road, Tettenhall

Thanks to the owners for permission to enter and take photos.

Listing: c.1725. Early Georgian style.

Literature: G. V. Hancock, History of Tettenhall College, Tettenhall College, 1963

Comment: The founders of Tettenhall College bought this building in 1862.  Geoffrey Hancock says:  "As it happened, a gentleman's residence in Tettenhall came on the market, and the Directors bought it for the sum of £3,700.  What they had bought was a pleasant Georgian house going back in all probability to the first half of the eighteenth century".  Together with a few outbuildings this was the sole site of the school until in 1867 the new buildings were opened.  Thereafter it was the Headmaster's House and remained so until recent years.