Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

The Old Town Hall - The Magistrates' Courts

North Street

Listing: 1867-1871 by E. Bates

Pevsner: 1869-1871 by E.Bates. Large, symmetrical, of fifteen bays, with French roofs.


Originally built as Wolverhampton's first purpose built town hall. By the municipal standards of the time the building is not, whatever Pevsner says, large.

The interior still retains a good entrance hall.

The side elevations are a good deal less showy, being mostly in humble brick.  

townhall2.jpg (35981 bytes)
The Town Hall in the 1930s.

townhall3.jpg (38237 bytes)
Another fine 1930s view.

The town council moved out when the new Civic Centre was built, almost opposite. On the council's departure the building was converted to Magistrates' Courts. In 2004 the Lord Chancellor's office decided the building was too small and got planning permission for new court buildings at the bottom of Darlington Street.

When they are built (under a PFI contract, so help us) these buildings, it has been agreed, will be acquired by the city council.  Obviously the building must be kept - but what for?