Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

Former Cheese and Butter Warehouse

Union Mill Street

The Union Mill Street side of the building.

Listing: Early C19. Interior: cast iron columns support wooden beams.


The canal side of the building overlooking the BCN.

The description "Cheese and Butter Warehouse" seems to have been taken from the old Ordnance Survey Maps but the use of the building was certainly wider than that. 

At the end of the C19 and beginning of C20 the whole site was owned by A. E. Beresford, who described himself as a Merchant Grocer.  An old price list of his shows this site on the front cover.  This building is marked "Warehouse"; that to the right is marked "lard refinery"; stables are marked to the left; and the office building is marked as "Offices"; to the left of the offices are "workers' houses".

This building backs on the canal and on that side it has doorways for hoisting goods in. The building is now divided into units, the occupants of which include a boat builder, who uses the canal, and a luthier. The presence of a luthier, and the contrast between the two forms of wood working, seem worth mentioning.