3b.  The Interwar Years:  1919 - 1939

These photos of the works in Montrose Street were taken in 1933 and produced as a booklet.  Such photo albums were quite common at the time.  They were used for publicity purposes.  The cover of this album says that the company are "Contractors to Government Departments, Home & Foreign Railways, Gas Companies, Etc.".

The Directors: Herbert Meynell, Charles Meynell, Cuthbert Meynell.
A section of the Capstan Shop.   The front man on the far left is Bernard Mulloy;  the front man on the far right is Ted Wesley.

The Core Making Department.
Inspection and Stores Department.

The Machine Shops.  On the far left is Joe Fletcher.  The three men in white overalls, towards the right, are Teddy Turner, Mr. Groome and Jim Ford.
Another Machine Shop.  On the far right is Bodger Bateman.

Moulders - Foundry Department.
Part of Pattern Shop.  From left to right are Harry Basford, Lionel Meynell, and Frank Guest who later left, with his brother Joe, who later helped to found Fern Plastic Products.

Plating Shop.  On the far right is Rowland Cook.

Plugging Department.      

Polishing Shop.  Named people here are Fred Blakemore, Alf Cotterill, Williams, Jack Smith.
Steam Fitting Department.  Named people here are Jack Gillot and Tom Ford. 

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