3.  Company History - turn of the century - part 2

This, like all of the following photos, does not have a title.  The function of this machine is not known.
This appears to be a machine for taking power off a steam engine.

This is a lathe for turning mill rolls.  Here a pair of rolls are mounted to check for accuracy.  A rolling mill would need such a machine for truing up rolls after each working shift.
This device (again backed by white sheets) is a massive guillotine for cutting up blooms, bars and thick sheets, possibly including armour plate.

This is an enlargement from the first photo.  In the background the carter wears some sort of felt hat.  In the foreground the man in the top hat and frock coat would be one of the bosses, possibly Thomas Perry Junior.  The man in the bowler would be a foreman, possibly the works foreman.  

Thanks to Noel Tittle for help with identifying and captioning the photos.

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