The Wolverhampton History and Heritage Website was delighted that a rally had been arranged for these Wolverhampton marques. Bev Parker and Frank Sharman attended and here is their report.

There is a green hill within the grounds of the Black Country Living Museum at Dudley and there the rally was held. The rain held off - well, all but a few spots - and a good time was had by all. Those attending showed remarkable restraint in not commenting on the noise and fumes emanating from the Velocette motorcycles, rallying there at the same time. During the day several Stars took quieter, relatively fume free and considerably more stylish drives round the site roads. We hope that what follows are photos of all the vehicles attending.

We are grateful to Brian Rollings for his work in organising this rally, which enabled us to see and photograph so many of these wonderful Wolverhampton made vehicles.

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