The 16th Turner Wolverhampton Reunion was held at Bantock Park on Sunday, 22nd August, 2021, to celebrate part of Wolverhampton's once important vehicle manufacturing industry. It was well organised by Brian Shaw and included a display of Turner sports cars in front of the house.

Turner sports cars were the last production cars manufactured in the city. This is the only event held in Wolverhampton that celebrates the industry that once employed many thousands of people.

Turner Sports Cars (Wolverhampton) Limited was founded by the late Jack Turner, who initially worked as a sports car specialist at the Old Smithy in Seisdon, before manufacturing his own cars. Production of the sports cars began in a small factory in Merridale Street, Wolverhampton, in 1955 and soon moved to a larger building at Wolverhampton's Municipal Airport at Pendeford, where several models were produced. Manufacturing continued until March 1966 when the company ceased operating. Between 650 and 700 Turner sports cars were built.

The cars at the event were as follows:

Owner Model Year Registration No.
Ken Robbins 950S BMC 1959 9 NPC
Derek Bentley Mk 1 BMC 1960 2 RTD
Brian Shaw MKIII Ford, 1500cc. 1966 GOK 444D

Brian Shaw also had a display in part of the tractor shed, behind the house, describing the history of the sports cars. Bantock House was fairly quiet on the day, because it was overcast and threatening to rain. As usual refreshments were available in the café and the house was open to visitors.

The Turner Sports Car Register has a website at:

The Cars:

Derek Bentley's Turner MK 1.

Ken Robbin's Turner 950S.

Brian Shaw's Turner MK III.

Derek Bentley's Turner MK 1 and Ken Robbin's Turner 950S.

Another view of the MK 1 Turner and the 950S.

Brian Shaw and his Turner MK III with some interested visitors.

A couple of visitors viewing the cars.

Ken Robbin's Turner 950S.

Part of Brian Shaw's excellent display.

Viewing part of Brian Shaw's display.

There is a brief history of Turner sports cars on this website: Turner Sports Cars.

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