W. H. C. Walker, Builder and Contractor, Brickkiln Street.

Prominent rank among the builder, and contractors of Wolverhampton must be allotted to Mr. W. H. C. Walker, who ever since he commenced trading, has borne a first-class reputation for sound and carefully executed work. The large extension of his business operations has recently necessitated the erection of new workshops in Brickkiln Street, and plant of machinery to facilitate his competition in the trade; his former address being Riches Street and Merridale Road.

At the new place Mr. Walker possesses exceptional facilities for dealing with all building contracts in the speediest and best manner. Here can always be seen a large stock of building materials and working appliances. Mr. Walker has been favoured with many important and valuable building contracts in Wolverhampton and district. He is prepared to undertake the erection of any description of building in town or country, and having a large staff of skilled hands in his employ, he can guarantee the faithful, speedy, and satisfactory execution of all orders. It is safe to assume that he will advance to a still higher position in the trade.

Alfred Webb, Music and General Printer, Cleveland Street.

A name prominently identified with the Printing, Bookbinding and kindred branches of business in Wolverhampton is that of Mr. Alfred Webb, of Cleveland Street, whose business dates its founding back about twenty-five years ago. The premises in occupation comprise spacious printing and other workrooms, and warehouses, admirably suited to the business in hand.

For executing all kinds of plain to artistic letterpress and lithographic printing, bookbinding and engraving, Mr Webb has the best improved machinery and appliances and it is well known that his work in these branches will compare favourably in quality and price with that of any firm in the town. Mr. Webb, it may be stated is the printer and publisher of the" Sacred Casquet" and "Choral Dewdrops", musical publications which have an extensive circulation and are highly esteemed.

W. Weeks, Baker and Confectioner, 366 Newhampton Road.

An establishment in Newhampton Road calling for particular mention is that of Mr. W. Weeks, the well-known baker and confectioner, who carries on business at No. 366. In giving a brief notice of this business in which Mr. Weeks has obtained such a well merited reputation it may be stated at the outset that the proprietor is a practical bread maker in every sense of the term, and that he has at his premises in Newhampton Road every convenience for carrying on the trade on a large scale.

The bread is baked in specially constructed ovens, and only the best materials are used in its production. Mr. Weeks is no believer in "seconds", an inferior kind of flour, being too jealous of his reputation as a producer of best bread to admit into his bakehouse anything of an inferior nature; consequently the demand for Weeks' bread is of a wide-spread and ever-increasing nature, a fact not to be in anyway wondered at when the superior quality of his productions are taken into consideration.

A speciality for which he has made a name is Weeks' wholemeal bread, which has practically no equal in Wolverhampton. Did the general public know the value of wholemeal bread as an article of diet there would be a greater demand for it than there is at the present time. It is one of the finest preventatives of constipation which brings along with it a host of attendant ills, such as indigestion, piles, varicose veins, etc., and its use is recommended by the faculty daily. But there are scores of wholemeal breads in the market which cannot fairly lay claim to the name, simply on account of adulteration: but in Weeks' wholemeal bread you get the pure thing itself, and it has received high commendation from some of the most scientific analysts of the day who speak of its composition in high terms, and we should strongly advise those who value health and the means to retain it to give this celebrated bread a trial.

The same remarks apply to Weeks' confectionery which is of the same high standard of excellence as the bread, in fact everything at this establishment is of the best, and the prices charged are not more than those of the ordinary baker and confectioner. The whole of the business comes under the critical eye of the principal, who takes care that nothing is done which could in any way injure the high reputation and extensive connection which his indefatigable efforts have gained for him.

Joseph Wells and Son, Coal, Coke and Breeze Merchants, Brake and Waggonette Proprietors, etc., Eastham Wharf, Walsall Street, and Williamson Street.

A busy trade as coal, coke and breeze merchants, is done in Wolverhampton by the firm of Messrs, Joseph Wells and Son, who during the time they have carried on business in the town have acquired an excellent reputation with their customers. One of their addresses is Eastham Wharf, Walsall Street, where they have every facilities, including canal accommodation, for their coal business. They hold a well-assorted stock of all kinds of coal from the leading collieries; also cokes, breezes, etc., while the quality of everything supplied by them represents the fullest possible value, as their many customers could testify.

Their other premises are in Williamson Street, near Penn Road, where they have an extensive retail coal depot, stables, etc. At this address they also have every convenience for carrying on the other branch of their business as coach proprietors, including charabancs, brakes, waggonettes, traps, and private omnibuses for evening parties, which are always on hire. Messrs. Wells and Son's turn-outs are well horsed, and throughout each branch of the concern a highly commendable efficiency is to be noted. The firm receive valuable support, which could not be better placed.

W. Willoughby, Hairdresser and Perfumer, Lichfield Street.

A long established hair-cutting and shampooing establishment in Wolverhampton is that so ably conducted for the last ten years by Mr. W. Willoughby, who undoubtedly takes the leading position in this branch of business in the town. The premises occupied by Mr. W. Willoughby are located in Lichfield Street. They were evidently specially designed and built with a view to the requirements of a high class hairdresser's establishment, and well they answer their purpose.

They comprise an elegantly appointed shop with large plate-glass show window, replete with a nice assortment of perfumery, toilet requisites, fancy goods, and all those articles which peculiarly appertain to the trade, with ladies' room on the ground floor, and gent's room and baths in basement. The arrangements throughout are splendid, and it is not too much to say that this establishment affords every convenience found at a metropolitan house.

The most skilled labour is employed, and the highest art in hair-dressing is at the service of patrons. Wigs, scalps, and every description of ornamental hair work is made to order, while another noteworthy feature is the prompt and polite attendance extended to all who favour Mr. Willoughby with their patronage.

Henry Willcock and Company, Builders and Contractors.

A prominent firm in the building industry in Wolverhampton is that of Messrs. Henry Willcock and Co., who at different periods have been engaged on and contracted for various works and undertakings of great magnitude in and around Wolverhampton, including the town hall, art gallery, and the electric light works for the Corporation of Wolverhampton, etc., and the firm have recently completed the restoration to Tettenhall Church.

All the undertakings of this firm are executed in a manner which gives the greatest satisfaction to their numerous patrons, with a result of a substantially-increasing business. Messrs. Willcock and Co. possess every facility for the production of work in an expeditious, albeit first class manner, having at their disposal machinery of the most modern and approved construction for stone-cutting, planing, sawing, etc. The fame of this firm is too well known in the district to need further comment at our hands.

B. F. Williams, Manufacturer of all kinds of Tin, Sheet Iron, Brass, Copper and Nickel Plated Goods, "Elephant" Works.

"Elephant" Works have been established a good number of years, and occupy a prominent position among the business concerns of Wolverhampton. They cover a large area, are well supplied with the most modern machinery and appliances, and afford constant employment for numerous hands. There is no doubt that Mr. Williams possesses exceptional facilities to meet all demands in the promptest manner, and among his numerous manufactures may be specially mentioned baths of all kinds and best finish, dish covers, meat screens, fish kettles, tea pots, etc., etc.

Steel travelling trunks, deed and despatch boxes, etc., are manufactured for both home and foreign markets, the foreign trade being especially large and valuable, this being a branch in which Mr. Williams turns out an enormous quantity. The "Elephant" is a registered trademark, and bears a standard reputation in all markets, while it will be generally admitted that in each line the prices and quality will compare most favourably with those of any competitor.

Mr. Williams gives the business his close supervision, and certainly no house could put forth greater efforts to retain its connection and reputation. The business of The Midland Plating Company carried on at these works is an important one, comprising as it does, nickel-plating and enamelling for the cycle trade, brass founders and locksmiths. The company have the most modern plant for these operations, and all orders are promptly executed at most reasonable prices.

B. F. Williams, "Bell" Cycle Works, Stafford Street.

This business affords a striking proof of what may be accomplished by energy and well-directed enterprise. It had its origin only a few years back at "Elephant" Works (see the preceeding notice) and in this new departure there is every indication of Mr. Williams being eminently successful. "Bell" Works have been specially constructed to meet all the requirements of the trade, and are equipped with the latest and best approved machinery and appliances for speedy and economical production.

Mr. Williams claims for the "Bell" that it is equal in every respect to any machine on the market, and the numerous unsolicited testimonials, and the unusual pace at which the connection has developed certainly testify to the right of this claim. A large number of hands are employed in the various departments, and in all operations only the best quality materials are used, while another noteworthy feature of this establishment is the great care which is exercised to ensure that none but the most sound and highly finished machines leave the premises.

An illustrated catalogue is issued each season, giving full details and specifications of leading lines, which are recognised by the names, "York", "Bristol", "Richmond", "Canterbury", "Royal", "Paris", "London", and "Brighton Bell". A perusal of this catalogue will at once convince that the gross prices will bear comparison with those of any other house, while the terms to all classes of buyers are equally advantageous.

James Wilson, Cab and Car Proprietor, Mail Contractor to H. M. Government, County Mews, Bilston Street, Wolverhampton, and at Lower Hurst Street, Birmingham.

In a busy community like that of Wolverhampton, there is of course a large demand for cabs, cars, etc., while a leading depot in the town for all kinds of vehicles, is the County Mews in Bilston Street, belonging to Mr. James Wilson, and which were established as far back as forty years ago. Mr. Wilson occupies extensive premises, the front building is of four storeys, while at the rear there is a spacious yard, stables, and other necessary accommodation.

As a matter of fact, the premises have; owing to extension of trade, been recently enlarged, and are now remarkably commodious and suitable. All kinds of cabs, cars, and carriages can be obtained here, the vehicles being capitally appointed and well horsed, and the all-round efficiency noticeable at the County Mews shows that Mr. Wilson has a thorough knowledge of his calling.

Orders can be communicated by telephone and receive prompt attention. The business is well-supported, and its past success seems certain to continue. Mr. Wilson is a well-known mail contractor to Her Majesty's Government, and has mews in Lower Hurst Street, Birmingham. The Wolverhampton business is under the capable control of Mr. Robert Wilson.

Wood & Hinde, Cigar and Tobacco Merchants, 54 Dudley Street, 101 Darlington Street, and Chapel Ash.

The extensive establishments of Messrs. Wood and Hinde are certainly the finest of their kind in Wolverhampton. The shops are handsomely fitted with modern plate-glass windows, and electric light, and the internal arrangements are laid out on the very best lines for the business. They are splendidly stocked with a wonderful assortment of goods appertaining to the trade, and these are procured from the leading manufacturers at home and abroad.

The speciality of the firm is their trade in high class Havana cigars, and of these expensive luxuries they hold a really magnificent stock, in fact, such a selection is rarely to be seen in a provincial town, including as it does all the leading brands and many others. The firm have a reputation for their skill in properly maturing these goods and delivering them to customers in perfect condition, ready for immediate use.

A large trade is also done in Mexican, Borneo, Manila, Indian, and other cigars. Messrs. Wood and Hinde, while giving their cigar trade their first attention, by no means neglect the other branches of their business. Their tobaccos have a wide-spread reputation for quality and excellence, and the enormous and varied stock of smoker's fancy goods leaves nothing to be desired in this respect.

Of late years the cigarette trade has largely developed and the quantity and variety of these insidious little puffs, in their dainty cases and packages, is simply astounding. The firm have an extensive connection among the leading families of the town and surrounding counties, and by careful and intelligent attention to the requirements of their patrons have earned their confidence and esteem.

L. J. Wright, Grocer, Baker and Confectioner, Agent for Kennaways' Wines and Spirits, Tettenhall.

The business of Mr. L. J. Wright is one of the most conspicuous in Tettenhall. It is conducted in very fine premises in High Street, which comprise a spacious shop, model bakery, convenient stores, &c. They possess an attractive appearance, and, internally, are, admirably arranged, fitted up, and equipped for the various departments of the business. Mr. Wright has, during his business career, steadily gained the confidence of the community for supplying at all times none but pure and genuine articles, and the huge patronage he receives is sufficient testimony that his efforts to give satisfaction are duly appreciated.

His stock of groceries and provisions is exceptionally large and well selected, and may be thoroughly relied upon as regards purity and freshness, as Mr. Wright's experience in the trade extends over many years, and brings him intimate with the most reliable sources of supply. We ought to mention that he is agent for the celebrated Mazawattee Tea, and also keeps a fine stock of Kennaway's noted wines and spirits. Both in plain and high class goods the prices at this establishment will compare most favourably with those of any similar house in the town. As a baker and confectioner an equally enterprising spirit is observable.

Only the most experienced hands are employed in this department, and every facility is possessed to ensure the best results, cleanliness and punctual delivery. Mr. Wright, it should be mentioned, specially solicits a trial of his make of "Hovis" bread; and his productions in plain bread, pastry, etc., are so well known that further comment here is unnecessary. All orders receive prompt attention, and under its present proprietorship the continued success of this business may be safely predicted.

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