Queen Victoria celebrated her Diamond Jubilee on Sunday 20th June, 1897 at Windsor Castle. A public holiday to celebrate the jubilee was held two days later on Tuesday 22nd June. Celebrations were held throughout the country. Streets were decorated with flags and bunting, parties were held, and jubilee memorabilia including books, mugs and medals was on sale in the shops. There were ox-roastings, firework displays, and jubilee beacons on hilltops.

The many publications to celebrate the event included an illustrated business review of Wolverhampton, published by the Industrial Publishing Company, based at Bearwood Road, Smethwick. The booklet gives a wonderful and unique insight into some of Wolverhampton’s many factories, and retailers, at a time when business was booming, and the town and its shops were prosperous. It is full of fascinating information that will appeal to anyone who is interested in the town’s past.

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