This is the story of the development of industry in Darlaston, and the once well-known manufacturers who provided employment for the local community, and brought prosperity to the town.
From its beginnings, the human race has had a great impact on the planet Earth, completely changing and reforming many of the natural landscapes. The process of change has been continuous since the dawn of civilisation. Each generation of mankind has its own values and needs, and the landscape is transformed accordingly. It is around 1,300 years since the first settlers moved into the Black Country, during which time an almost infinite number of changes have taken place.
The landscape has changed beyond recognition, from open countryside, supporting a farming community, to mining and early industrialisation, followed by heavy industries and the growth of factories. Then on to the modern post-industrial era, with few factories, industrial dereliction, and the disappearance of the older factories, many of the which have been replaced with housing, warehousing, or shops and service industries.

How Darlaston may have looked when the first settlers arrived.

A sad sight, the remains of the Servis factory in 2012. A post-industrial landscape.



1.   The Farming Community
2.   Mining
3.   Early Iron-Making
4.   Backyard Industries
5.   Heavy Industry
6.   Nuts & Bolts
7.   Other Heavy Industries
8.   Lighter Industries
9.   The End of an Era
10.   References

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