F. H. Lloyd & Company Limited - The early 1930s
This section consists of photos of some of the many products that were made at the steel works in the early 1930s, along with views inside the factory. The company always strived for uniformity in its products, thanks to the up-to-date plant, the specialists who worked on each stage of production and two generations of people with continuous experience in the production of steel castings of the highest order. At this time, the company had produced around a quarter of a million steel castings since production began.

Moulds in the heavy foundry section that have just emerged from the drying stoves, prior to casting.

One of the casting bays in the heavy foundry.

Coring-up moulds in the heavy foundry.

Wheel centre moulds in the heavy foundry, ready for casting.

One of the 20 ton open hearth furnaces in the heavy foundry.

Filling a ladle from a furnace in the heavy foundry.

The pattern Shop.

Patterns in the pattern shop, laid out ready for checking.

A large pattern being made ready for the foundry.

Steel being poured in the light foundry.

The light foundry.

Molten iron running from a cupola furnace into an intermediate ladle for the desulphurisation process, in the light foundry.

Pouring molten iron into a converter where it will be subject to a blast of air to oxidise any remaining manganese, silicon or carbon.

Stirring the molten metal and the recently added alloying elements in a furnace in the light foundry.

Pouring steel into a teeming ladle in the light foundry.

Casting in the light foundry.

A bed plate casting for a Ruston-Bucyrus excavator after final machining.

Another component for a Ruston-Bucyrus excavator, also after final machining.


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