About the Author

The late Keith Farley.

Keith Farley was born in Wolverhampton in 1946 and has spent virtually the whole of his life in his hometown. He was educated at Wolverhampton Grammar School and at Leicester and Birmingham Universities. He has been involved in education throughout his working life, as a Head of History in two secondary schools and as an Advisory Teacher with his Local Education Authority.

He took early retirement in 1997 and has worked part-time in a number of schools since then. He is currently working in Adult Education. He has produced a number of local history books including At The Flicks and Comrades In Arms, and has been Chairman of Wolverhampton History and Heritage Society.

Keith died on 18th March, 2010. He will be sadly missed.


Special thanks to a whole range of people, but especially:

Nita Anderson, Len Beddow, Pete Bickley, Steve Brett (Davies), Roger Bromley, Mel Brookes, Mick Brookes, Selwyn Bowen, Tommy Burton, Dave Cant, Roger Clark, Alan Clee, Graham Corns, Mick Crook, Mick Deeming, Roger Dopson, Jake Elcock, Keith Evans, Mo Foster, The General, Graham Gomery, Bill Hayward, Ray & Pat Hill, Barry Hodgson, Laurie Hornsby, John Howells, Brian Huntbatch, Johnny Jones, Dave Jones, Janet Kent, Roy Kent, Paul King, Molly Lambeth, Jimmy Lea, Don Maddocks, George Maddocks, Marlene Manley, Maureen Masters, Clive Mountford, Brian Nicholls, John Ogden, John O'Hara, Bev Parker, Les Parker, Tony Perry, Paul Robbins, Dan Robinson, Jim Simpson, Roger Stafford, Hugh Stirling, John Taylor, Anna Terrana, Giorgio Ucellini, Pete Walton, Pete Watkins, Trevor Westwood, Ned Williams, Trevor Worrall. References have come from the Wolverhampton Express & Star and the short-lived Midland Beat (1963-66).

There are others far too numerous to mention whose recollections I have culled over the years and stored away. Many of those people are no longer with us but I hope by recounting just a few of those memories I have repaid the debt I owe to all of them.

Without the assistance of Moreton Print Shop the book would never have seen the light of day, so thanks Andy and the rest on the hill!

Lastly I should like to dedicate the book to the memory of one very special person

Tommy Burton

who will never be replaced, but who will live on forever whenever rock 'n' roll is played in Wolverhampton and anywhere else for that matter.

Copyright K. Farley 2001

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