12.  The late nineteenth century

Tettenhall was now becoming a large place, even if it was mainly as a kind of dormitory suburb to Wolverhampton. In 1883 a Board of Health was constituted.  In 1888, under a new Local Government Act, the old system of local government (an uncertain combination of parish councils, JPs and the Board of Health) was done away with and the Tettenhall Urban District Council was formed, giving the area a form of elected self government.

The size of the place, and the social, commercial and political importance of its residents, lead to the establishment, in 1876, of a horse drawn tramway from Wolverhampton. Originally it operated only as far as Newbridge, the Rock being too steep for horses to pull trams up. The line was duly electrified and by 1914 got as far as Wergs Road. 

The number 1 tram at Upper Green.  The bus shelter came from the Wolverhampton Industrial Exhibition of 1902.

The line was always numbered 1 and even the West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive only managed to redesignate it as 501.

One great loss was the burning down of Wrottelsey Hall in 1897. With it went many of the records of the area and much else of value. Although the house was rebuilt, it was on a much smaller scale.  

Wrottesley Hall, as rebuilt.  It has now been converted into flats.

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