A Tettenhall Directory. From William White’s “History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Staffordshire” published in 1851

Private Residents:

Name Occupation Residence
Baker, Benjamin sand merchant Tettenhall Wood
Banks, Edward    Wolverhampton builder etc. Tettenhall village
Barratt, John car etc. owner Tettenhall village
Barrow, Isaac   Tettenhall village
Barnsley, Mrs   Tettenhall village
Barrow, James & William Wolverhampton grocers Tettenhall village
Bissell, William Wolverhampton merchant Tettenhall village
Bullock, John swine dealer Tettenhall village
Carter, James swine dealer Tettenhall village
Cooper, Frederick Wolverhampton merchant Tettenhall village
Cope, George  Wolverhampton spirit merchant Tettenhall village
Cotes, Benjamin   Tettenhall village
Crutchley, Mrs   Tettenhall village
Dalton, John bricklayer Tettenhall village
Dawes, James plumber, glazier etc. Tettenhall Wood
Ebbels, Robert architect etc. Spring Well Cottage, Tettenhall Wood
Egginton, Edward  brick maker Tettenhall Wood
Elwell, Thomas Wolverhampton merchant Tettenhall village
Evans, Rd.   Pendeford Hall, Pendeford
Evans, Thomas   Pendeford
Faiers, Henry  cooper etc. Tettenhall village
Faulkner, Richard revenue officer Tettenhall village
Fleeming, J. H.   Compton
Foley, Thomas   Tettenhall village
Kowke, Ts.   Tettenhall village
Foster, Jno. Bilston banker Compton

Fregleton, Robert

  Tettenhall village
Fryer, Mrs Mary   The Wergs
Giffard, Walter   Bilbrook
Hall, Ann matron, workhouse Tettenhall village
Hay, William  Wolverhampton watch maker etc. Tettenhall Wood
Hellier,  Mrs J. Shaw    Tettenhall Wood
Hill, Henry   Tettenhall Wood
Hinckes,  Miss Theodosia     Tettenhall Wood
Hodgson, Octavius   Tettenhall Wood
Hope, Thomas key stamper Compton
Horton, Colonel    Old Hill, Tettenhall
Idiens, Joseph  Wolverhampton wine etc. merchant Tettenhall village
Jellicoe, George ironmaster Wightwick
Knox, George railway secretary Tettenhall village
Laxton, William Henry Wolverhampton hatter Compton
Law, Alexander      The Wergs
Lea, William  Wolverhampton merchant Tettenhall Wood
Lees, Richard Wolverhampton merchant The Wergs
Leigh, John Stipendiary magistrate Tettenhall village
Lock, John  police officer Tettenhall Wood
Marten, Henry Water Works engineer Tettenhall village
Matthews, John   Compton
Moore, Mrs S.   Tettenhall village
Meredith, Thomas relieving officer  Tettenhall Wood
Owen, George   Tettenhall Wood
Nagginton, Thomas   Tettenhall village
Perry, Richard   Tettenhall village
Phillips, Peter Benjamin   Tettenhall village
Powell, Horatio Wolverhampton spirit merchant Tettenhall Wood
Price, George  Wolverhampton auctioneer Tettenhall village
Priestley, Alex  Master of the Seisdon Union Workhouse Tettenhall village
Richards, Mrs   Tettenhall village
Russell, Captain   Tettenhall village
Seale, Mrs   Tettenhall Wood
Skey, R. S. railway manager Compton
Smallwood, Edward   stone mason Tettenhall village
Smith, John collector and registrar Tettenhall village
Smith, John H artist Tettenhall village
Southwell, Elizabeth  milliner Tettenhall village
Stirk, John anvil maker Tettenhall village
Taft, George horse, carriage etc. letter Tettenhall village
Thompson, John  ironmaster Barnhurst
Thorneycroft, Captain Thomas   Tettenhall Wood
Underhill, J. B. and Miss M. A.   Tettenhall village
Ward, Thomas   Tettenhall Wood
Warner, William  Wolverhampton draper etc. Tettenhall village
Weaver, Frederick Wolverhampton chemist Tettenhall Place, Tettenhall village
Weaver, James William wharfinger Tettenhall Wood
Weaver, John hay and straw dealer Compton
Weller, John canal agent Compton
Wildsmith, William   Tettenhall Wood
Wilkes, John     The Wergs
Wright, Joseph hinge maker Tettenhall Wood
Wrottesley, Lord Arthur   Wrottesley Hall
Wrottesley, Rev Edward incumbent Tettenhall village
Young, John    Tettenhall Wood

Trades Directory:

Banks, Mrs   Compton
Burgess, Mrs   Tettenhall
Wright, Mrs   Tettenhall Wood
National School  Jno. Smith and Miss Mace Tettenhall
Cotterill, Thomas   Tettenhall Wood
Egginton, Edward   Tettenhall Wood
Gough, Richard   The Wergs
Hope, Thomas    Compton
Jeavons, Tmy.    Tettenhall Wood
Jones, John   Tettenhall
Morris, Joseph   Tettenhall
Perkes, Michael   Tettenhall
Taft, George   Tettenhall
Weaver, John    Compton
Felkin, Benjamin   Tettenhall
Fox, John   Bilbrook
Hampton, George   Compton
Pace, Joseph   The Wergs
Southwick, Henry   Tettenhall
Davis, William   Compton
Farmer, Joseph   Tettenhall
Moore, John   Tettenhall
Peake, Thomas    Compton
Corn Millers
Hammond, William   Perton
Riley, William   Pendeford
Sproson, William    Wightwick
Bate, John    The Wergs
Blewitt, Rd.   Cranmere Lodge, Tettenhall
Bright, Edward   The Wergs
Cale, Rd. maltster Aldersley
Davis, Hannah   Aldersley
Duncalfe, Harry   Perton
Earp, Thomas   Tettenhall
Fleeming, Benjamin    Cronk Hall, Tettenhall
Hardware, Jtn.   Bilbrook
Harris, Thomas   The Wergs
Mansell, William and Thomas    Kingswood
Meeson, William   Bilbrook
Moor, Thomas    Palmer’s Cross
Shaw, Jno. Ward   Tettenhall
Shotton, Thomas    The Wergs
Stubbs, Samuel   Tettenhall
Wilson, Thomas    Bilbrook
Wilson, William   Perton
Wright, Robert    The Wergs
Green, Joseph   Tettenhall
Taylor, Edward    Tettenhall Wood
Inns and Taverns
The Boat Walter Phillips Compton
The Crown Samuel Shotton The Wergs
The Field House William Idiens Wightwick
The Mermaid William Smith Wightwick
The Mitre  John Toy Tettenhall
Rock Villa George Spink Tettenhall
The Rose and Crown Edward Cotes Tettenhall
The Swan Inn Samuel Nicholls Compton
The Woodman William Hardware Bilbrook
Key Makers
Walker, Thomas   Tettenhall
Wilkes, Thomas   Tettenhall Wood
Lock Makers
Alsop, Joseph   Tettenhall Wood
Baker, James    Tettenhall Wood
Coley, Richard   Tettenhall Wood
Cotterill, Harry   Tettenhall Wood
Eccles, Thomas   Tettenhall Wood
Edwards, Harry    Tettenhall Wood
Grey, Edwin   Tettenhall Wood
Jordon, Benjamin    Tettenhall Wood
Lee, Anthony   Tettenhall
Lewis, John    Compton
Nicholls, Benjamin   Tettenhall Wood
Williams, Benjamin   Tettenhall Wood
Willington, Pt.    Tettenhall Wood
Cadwallader, W.   Compton
Shaw, Jno. Ward   Tettenhall
York, Thomas   Tettenhall
Allen, Samuel   Tettenhall
Austwick, David   Tettenhall
Dawes, James   Tettenhall

Hensher, John

Perkes, Michael   Tettenhall
Pool, Mary   Tettenhall
Reynolds, Jno.   Compton
Smith, Rebecca    Tettenhall Wood
Walker, James    Tettenhall Wood
Ward, Edward   Compton
Webb, William    Tettenhall Wood
Beech, William    Tettenhall Wood
Bradley, Edward   Tettenhall
Dyehouse, Mk.    Tettenhall Wood
Martin, William   Wightwick
Porter, John    Bilbrook
Pritchard, William   Tettenhall
Roden, William   Tettenhall
Wildley, Thomas    Bilbrook
Cotes, Benjamin   Tettenhall
Cotes, John   Tettenhall
Cox, Thomas   Tettenhall
Nicholls, Samuel    Compton
Allen, John   Tettenhall
Beech, John    Compton
Bentley, John    Compton
Griffiths, Rd.   The Wergs
Post Office  At My. Birch’s. Letters despatched 7¼ evening.

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