Nearly everyone enjoys looking at old photographs. They rekindle memories and bring back to life the tales once told by parents and grandparents. Out of the many artefacts and documents that have survived from our recent past, old photographs are by far the most evocative. Their popularity can be seen from the excellent sales that have followed most of the 'Wolverhampton in old pictures' books.

I recently had the good fortune to hear about the large collection of old photographs of Wolverhampton and the surrounding area that belongs to Janice Endean. The collection has been built up over many years  and covers all aspects of life in Wolverhampton. Luckily she has given us permission to include some of her photographs in this section, all of the old ones are from her collection.

Janice used to be Lab Manager at Eardley Lewis, a well known local photographic business. I have since lost contact with her.

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