Many of the following publications can be found in Walsall and Darlaston libraries, and in the Local History Centre in Essex Street, Walsall.
A History of Pleck. Malcolm McDevitt. 1984. Walsall Metropolitan Borough Archives Service.

A Short History of Pelsall. 1981. Joyce Hammond. Walsall Library & Museum Services.

Brownhills Local History Trail. Joyce Hammond. Walsall Library & Museum Services.

Walsall Chronicle. No. 1. 1979. Walsall Library & Museum Services.

Walsall Chronicle. No. 6. 1984. Walsall Library & Museum Services.

Walsall Chronicle. No. 9. 1987. Walsall Library & Museum Services.

Guide to Walsall. 1889. W. Henry Robinson.

History of Walsall. 1887. Frederic W. Wilmore.

The Book of Walsall. 1987. Marilyn Lewis and David Woods. Barracuda Books Limited, Buckingham.

The Corporation of the Borough and Foreign of Walsall. 1960. Ernest James Homeshaw, E.R.D., M.A. County Borough of Walsall.

From Old To New : Walsall's Centenary of Civic Service, 1835-1935. 1935. J. and W. Griffin Limited, Walsall.

Lost Buildings of Walsall. 1985. Walsall Chronicle number 7. Walsall Metropolitan Borough Archives Service.

Official Town Guides. 1970s. Metropolitan Borough of Walsall.

Street Names of Walsall. 1992. W. F. Blay and Walsall Local History Centre. Walsall Local History Centre.

South Staffordshire Archaeological & Historical Society Transactions for 1974-1975. 1976.

The History and Directory of Walsall. 1813. Thomas Pearce.

Railway Reminiscences. 1904. George P. Neele. McCorquodale & Company, Limited, Cardington Street, London.

The Locomotive Magazine. February 1898. F. Moore, London.

Osborne's Guide to the Grand Junction Railway. 1838. E. C. & W. Osborne. Birmingham.

Drake's Road Guide of the Grand Junction Railway. 1838. J. Drake. Birmingham.

The Origins and Early History of the Walsall Leather Trades. 1997. Michael Glasson. Walsall Leather Museum.

British History Online.  Website

A Documentary History of Walsall and District in the Nineteenth Century. 1983. D. C. Woods. West Midlands College of Higher Education.

On the Trail of the Walsall Anarchists 1891- 92. Barrie Roberts. Walsall Museum and Art Gallery.

Sister Dora. 1988. C. S. Latimer. Walsall Local History Centre.

A History of Walsall Hospitals. 1998. P. B. Carpenter. Walsall Hospitals NHS Trust.

The Gorway Story. 1959. E. J. A. Cook. Walsall Cricket Club.

Walsall Aviation. Early 1990s. Edwin Shipley & John W. T. Jeffries. W. J. Ray & Co. Ltd. Walsall.

200 Years of Carvers Walsall. 1976. Carvers, Walsall.

Hitchmough's Black Country Pubs, Walsall & Wolverhampton. 2012. Tony Hitchmough. CDROM.

Walsall Chronicle No. 8. 1986. Walsall Library & Museum Services.

Pat Collins King of Showmen. Freda Allen & Ned Williams. 1991. Uralia Press.

The Story of Bloxwich, Ernest James Homeshaw. 1955. Geof. J. Clark Ltd. Bloxwich.

The Highgate Brewery, K. J. Lloyd. 1982. The Black Country Society.

Black Country Brewers, Joseph McKenna. 2005. Tempus Publishing Limited.

Crabtree Round The World, J. A. Crabtree Limited. 1947.

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