Types of Houses and Their Construction

All houses were built of brick, and planned to give comfort, convenience, and homeliness to tenants. The houses were built to a high standard, and made welcoming by the use of suitable colours to brighten-up the estate. Initially shops were built by private firms, but when the council started its slum clearance programme, shops were built to be occupied by shopkeepers from slum clearance areas, whose shops had been demolished. It was hoped that their shops would continue to be used by their old customers, who they had followed to the new estate.

Both parlour and non-parlour type houses were built, with floor areas varying from 391 superficial feet to 1,009 superficial feet. There were 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom houses, maisonettes (2 story flats), and combined houses and shops.

The average building costs were as follows:

Parlour type house:  £1,085
Non-Parlour type house:  £895

Estate development costs (road, sewers, lighting etc.)  £129 per house.

Builder's fees

House Type

£315 None parlour, 3 bedrooms
£285 Small non-parlour, three bedrooms
£265 Small non-parlour, two bedrooms
£160 Bungalow, one bedroom

Building contractors

Thomas Rowbotham, Birmingham
Thomas Jones (Builders) Limited, Wednesbury
W. T. Emery, Walsall
Housing Limited, Blackheath
J. and F. Wootton Limited, Walsall
A. C. S. Teece Limited, Wednesbury
A. M. Griffiths & Son, Wolverhampton
McKeand, Smith & Company Limited, Wolverhampton
W. Kendrick & Sons Limited, Walsall

Tenants were issued with a tenant’s handbook which contained an appeal for co-operation in maintaining the amenities which the Council provided.

House Plans



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