Other Estates

Wood Green and Manor Farm Estates

The two adjacent estates were built between 1919 and 1921, and cover 30¾ acres between Manor House Road and Wood Green Road. Over half the land was given to the local authority by the Patent Shaft and Axletree Company Limited. 100 parlour type, and 150 non-parlour type houses were built on the Wood Green site, and 44 parlour type, and 64 non-parlour type houses were built on the Manor Farm site.

The Crescent, Wood Green Estate.

Meryhurst Road, Wood Green Estate.

Mesty-Croft Estate

The estate, on the eastern side of the Borough accommodates 206 small non-parlour type houses which were let at low rents that were affordable by lower paid workers.

Churchfields Estate

The estate covers 11¾ acres between Church Hill and Hobbs Road, and connects the Wood Green and Manor Farm estates. Spoil from the pit mounds that covered the site was used to fill an adjoining area in readiness for the building of a junior school. One of the pit mounds was lowered and flattened to provide a recreation ground for children. 58 parlour type houses and 95 non-parlour type houses were built on the site, along with a combined house and shop.

Holyhead Road, Edward Street, and Wellcroft Street Estates

The three small estates were developed to accommodate 74 non-parlour type houses.

Lloyd Street, Bilston Road, and Short Street

The three adjoining estates cover an area of 15¼ acres and accommodate 244 houses including bungalows, maisonettes, and 6 combined houses and shops. The Bilston Road (South) site was used to house people from the Portway Road clearance area.

Non-parlour type houses in Mark Road, Lloyd Street Estate.


This is a small, irregularly shaped site covering 2½ acres between Vicar Street, Walsall Street, and Vicarage Road. It accommodates 30 small non-parlour type houses.

Hydes Road

The site covers an area of 12¾ acres and accommodates 150 houses, 34 of which front onto Hydes Road. Around 32,100 cubic yards of spoil were removed from pit mounds covering an area of 2¾ acres. It was used to form embankments along the River Tame in readiness for the extensions of Oxford Street and Moor Street to Crankhall Lane.

Non-parlour type houses, Hydes Road.

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