Park Lane Estate

The estate covers an area of 34 acres and contains 26 parlour type houses, and 312 non-parlour houses. Licensed premises and shops were built, and a large green was provided on the northern side of Myvod Road next to a number of old people’s bungalows. It was intended to be a recreational area for the old people.

A bowling green was built on the opposite side of Myvod Road, and 6½ acres of allotments were built along the northern boundary. The estate, and its neighbouring estates (Wood Green, Manor Farm, Churchfields, and Fallings Heath) form an area that contained 1,046 council houses.

On the 24th April, 1933 Prince George laid the foundation stone of the town’s 1,500th municipal house, which was built on Park Lane Estate at the junction of Myvod Road and Prince George Road, which was named after him.

Non-parlour type houses in Myvod Road.

Bungalows grouped around a quadrangle in Myvod Road.

Non-parlour type houses around a bowling green.

Non-parlour type houses in Prince George Road.

Non-parlour type houses in Barlow Road.

Another view of non-parlour type houses in Barlow Road.

Parlour type houses in Park Lane.

A pair of parlour type houses in Park Lane.

Prince George laying the foundation stone of the 1,500th house. 24th April, 1933.

A luncheon given to celebrate Prince George's visit to Wednesbury.

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