Towns and cities continuously evolve. They always have, and always will. We all remember buildings and landmarks that are no longer here. They often re-kindle old memories, bring back childhood happenings, or remind us of long-gone family and friends.

Over the last century and a half, changes have been recorded thanks to the invention of photography. Photographs give us the ability to view long-gone scenes that were once familiar to our ancestors, and to capture images of any favourite building that is under threat of demolition, and may soon disappear.

I grew-up in Darlaston, then worked, socialised, and often shopped in Wolverhampton, where I now live. I started taking photographs as a teenager, and still continue to do so. I often photographed old buildings and familiar street scenes that were about to disappear, in order to be able to look back at them after they had gone. Most of my Black Country photographs were taken in the Darlaston and Wolverhampton area, much of which has changed beyond recognition over the last forty years or so. What follows is a selection of photographs that I have taken over that period, many of which show long-gone buildings, that I’m sure will be fondly remembered by many people.

The photographs are in three sections:
1. Darlaston
2. Wolverhampton
3. Wednesbury

If you have taken photographs of the old Black Country, and would like them added to the website, please let me know.


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