Early Photographic Studios
in Wolverhampton

J. Pearce
This is the only example we have from J. Pearce of 21 Great Berry Street. 

The inscription - "With Toby's compliments" - also makes this one of the few cards for which we have the name of the sitter.

Robinson & Son

Their premises were at 20 Gladstone Terrace, North Road and they advertise themselves as portrait and landscape photographers and, on one card only, artists.

The address is the same as on the photo above but the front has the photographer's name on it.

Another photograph, this time of a small boy.

Russell (of Wolverhampton)

Russell was at 41 Darlington Street, Wolverhampton, and at 2 Mill Street, Crewe.

G. Russell (of Bilston)

It is not known if there is any connection between G. Russell and the Russell above.  The backs of these photos are plain and there is no address other than Bilston.

The name is badly printed on both photos, as if Russell was keen to save expense.  But the studio is elaborately tricked out.

W. J. Sadler

W J Sadler was at Ivy House, Penn Road.  The artists palette shown on the reverse of his card was a common symbol on photographer's card, emphasising that they were artists.

What was "the new instantaneous process"? It probably enabled exposure times to be reduced.

This seems to be a later photo.  The design on the back of the card is much simplified.

C. Stallard

Stallard was at 52 Queen Street.  His card says "Late W. H. Dodds & Company."
Another Stallard photograph. This one is of a young girl.

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