Bushbury Shed

Bushbury Shed was built in 1883 to replace an earlier timber building. It had eight roads, a 70 ft. turntable, and mechanised coaling and ash disposal plants. In the 1920s up to 60 engines were allocated there, but by the 1950s the number had fallen to around 40.

Many of the top class engines of the day could be seen there, particularly those in charge of Euston trains, such as the 'Royal Scots'. The shed was numbered 3B in LMS and BR days, until 1960 when it became 21C. It closed on 28th March, 1966.

An ex-Midland Johnson 2F. It was withdrawn in December 1963.

Unnamed 'Patriot' 45542 in the early 1960s. It was withdrawn in 1962.

Another view of unnamed 'Patriot' 45542.

Class 4 Ivatt Mogul 43009 originally built with a double chimney. Withdrawn in November 1966.

Black Five 44848 in immaculate condition, in about 1960.

Rebuilt 'Royal Scot' number 46141, 'The North Staffordshire Regiment', and an unnamed BR 'Britannia' 70047.

An 8F with a Fowler tender, and a Black Five.

BR diesel shunter number 2004.


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