GWR Locomotives

Ex-GWR Castle Class locomotive number 5046 'Earl Cawdor' stands in front of Stafford Road shed's coaling stage. The locomotive was withdrawn in September 1962.

An unknown ex-GWR Castle Class locomotive passes Springfield Brewery.

Ex-GWR King Class locomotive 6014 'King Henry VII' at Stafford Road shed's coaling stage.

Stafford Road shed's coaling stage.

Ex-GWR Castle Class 5046 'Earl Cawdor' stands just north of Cannock Road, Wolverhampton.

Ex-GWR Castle Class number 7000 'Viscount Portal' heads north.

Unknown ex-GWR King Class locomotive at Oxley.

Ex-GWR King Class number 6014 'King Henry VII' beside the GWR mainline near Stafford Road shed.

Ex-GWR Hall Class number 6945 'Glasfryn Hall' in charge of a goods train running northwards on the GWR mainline. In the background is Cannock Road bridge and Springfield Brewery.

Ex-GWR 2-6-0, 43xx class number 7320, passes under the ex-LMS mainline, just south of Dunstall Park Station.

Ex-GWR Castle Class number 5020 'Trematon Castle'.

Ex-GWR Churchward Class 5205 2-8-0 tank engine.

Ex-GWR Castle Class number 5077 'Fairey Battle' built in August 1938 and withdrawn in July 1962.

Ex-GWR King Class number 6015 'King Richard III'.

Ex-GWR Castle Class number 4086 'Builth Castle'.

Ex-GWR Collett 57xx pannier tank locomotives.


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