by the late Frank Spittle

Something of the earlier general history of competitive shooting can be found in my detailed account of Bell Target Shooting (click here). The Second World War was a turning point in this history. For convenience I relate, in the first of these pages, the story of air rifle and pistol shooting. This is very much a national history but one in which Wolverhampton played a very important role. In the rest of the pages I relate the story mainly of live ammunition shooting. This is much more locally based and, again, it is a story in which Wolverhampton played a very important national role.

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1.  NARPA and air rifle and pistol shooting
2.  Shooting in and around Wolverhampton after 1945
3.  From Home Guard to Rifle Clubs
4.  A tour round some more clubs
5.  The developing sport
6.  Aldersley, internationals and other matters

This account is taken from: Frank Spittle, The History of W.S.B.R.A., published by the WSBRA for the opening of the Aldersley Leisure Village, 11th and 12th September 1999. And from: Frank Spittle, Ring My Bell, published by Frank Spittle, 1995.  Print copies are available form Frank Spittle at "Ridegway", Victoria Road, Fallings Park, Wolverhampton, WV10 0NG; £3.95 plus £1 post and packing for UK each.

The text of the print edition of this work is copyright Frank Spittle, 1995; this electronic edition is copyright Frank Spittle, 2001. All photos, except where otherwise acknowledged, are copyright Frank and Anthony Spittle, 1995 and 2001.

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The author would like to thank all individuals, shooting members, shooting organisations and members of the Gun Trade for their help in the production of this work. He expresses his particular thanks to Brenda, his wife, for her help and patience; and to The National Small Bore Rifle Association and the Rifleman, Dennis Commins of N.A.R.P.A., Wolverhampton Borough Council, W. W. Greener, W. B. Godwin, Joy Saunderson, The Birmingham Air Gun League, John McNish and his son Antony for photography.

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