In 1999 and 2001 the Labour Government initiated 39 schemes throughout the country, as part of the New Deal for Communities Regeneration Programme, to regenerate certain areas, and improve the lives of the local communities living there. One of the schemes, the All Saints and Blakenhall Community Development (ABCD) scheme was based in Wolverhampton, and ran from 2001 until 2011.

The scheme, which served the areas of All Saints, Blakenhall, and Parkfield, invested £53.5 million into projects that tackled crime, boosted education, improved health, created jobs, ensured decent and warm homes, and made the area a place to be proud of.

Several local walks were developed as part of the project, to act as guides to the area, and point out interesting buildings, historic sites, heritage sites, and local landmarks. Martin Rispin who was the ABCD Heritage Project Officer, has kindly allowed the walks to be included in this section.

Please Follow the instructions on each map, and don’t forget to take care when crossing roads, and also when stepping back to admire the different sites. Take care on canal towpaths, and don’t forget that they can be very muddy.

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