Fullwood Tyres - Early History & Genealogy

James Treen Fullwood; his family and the business he founded
By David Fullwood


Early family history

This is the story of my great grandfather James Treen Fullwood (b.1865), his family and the business founded.

However, this particular branch of the Fullwood family nearly came to an abrupt end back in 1832 when the Bilston Cholera epidemic broke out in Temple Street in Bilston.

My x3 great grandfather, James Fullwood born in May 1793 (probably in the Ladymoor area of Coseley) married Mary Treen in March 1932. Mary lived in Temple Street Bilston, the location of the first Cholera epidemic in that area. James Fullwood must have caught the disease at sometime between March 1832 and his subsequent death in August 1832. James was buried at Swan Bank Church Bilston and in October 1832 Mary gave birth to my x2 great grandfather James.

James Treen Fullwood.

Temple Street, Bilston, the centre of the cholera epidemic of 1832.

Fullwood Tyres Family Tree

James Treen Fullwood's family group (circa 1904)

Back row left to right: Ethel sitting; Henry (Harry); Harold; James Treen Fullwood (sitting); Elizabeth (Betty); Frederick (sitting).
Front row: Florence (Floss); Mrs Annie (nee Blenkin); James (Jim);
Lillian (Lilley).

James Treen Fullwood's family group (circa 1920)

Back row left to right: James (Jim) Lillian (Lilley); Harold; Elizabeth (Betty); Frederick; Ethel; Henry (Harry).
Front: James Treen Fullwood (sitting); Florence (Floss);
Mrs Annie (nee Blenkin).

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