Fullwood Tyres - Frederick James Fullwood

James Treen Fullwood; his family and the business he founded
By David Fullwood

Frederick James Fullwood 1891-1965

Frederick, my grandfather was James Treen Fullwood’s first born son. Family legend states Frederick (Fred) didn’t get along too well with his father James Treen Fullwood. Thinking he was helping his father, Fred struck a match in poor light, an explosion occurred at the family home in Mander Street Wolverhampton and as well as injury to his father, no doubt a few words were said between them.

From that day onwards there was friction between them. Frederick's chosen career was carpentry and although all 3 of his brother's went into the family tyre repair business, he didn't follow suit. Frederick's eldest brother Harold took over the business when his father James died in 1939. In the 1901 census, Fred (aged 9) can be seen living with his grandfather James (senior) b.1832 at Bristol St Wolverhampton.

Frederick Fullwood.

Fred however did ultimately acquire his own business, an Ironmonger's shop located on Newhampton Road West in Wolverhampton.
Fred Fullwood's hardware and ironmongers shop on Newhampton Road West in Wolverhampton.
Frederick James Fullwood married a local girl Nettie Solloway in 1919 and they had a son born in December 1921 called Frederick Walter Fullwood (little Fred). Sadly little Fred's mother died 4 months after giving birth to little Fred in April 1922 of Septicaemia and Pneumonia.



Right: Frederick James Fullwood b.1891 with his first wife Nettie Solloway b.1896.

Ruth Dorothy Williams.

My grandfather Frederick James Fullwood then met and married, in 1924, my grandmother Ruth Dorothy Williams the daughter of Charles Williams a Walsall furniture manufacturer.

They also had a son (my father) born in 1927 by the name of Anthony (Tony) Fullwood.

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