Edward Watkins Clark was a local man who became a member of the Church of the Latter Days Saints in its early days in this country.  He and his first wife emigrated to the Mormon community in Utah.  There, with the approval of his first wife, he took a second wife, which was in accordance with the Mormon practice at that time.  By his first wife he had ten children and by his second he had nine.  They, and their many descendants, can all look to Wolverhampton for their origins.

Barbara Cornia of Casper, Wyoming, a descendant of Edward Watkins Clark by his first wife, has kindly provided us with three documents and two photographs.  There are two versions of Edward's life which have come down in the family, with no explanation as to why there are two versions.  Readers who have some expertise in the study of documents may be able to compare the two versions and draw conclusions as to the circumstances in which they were written. There is some different information in each version and both should be read.  The third document is the autobiography of Edward's first wife, Lucy.

Sherry Ann Miller of Port Ludlow, Washington State, is a great great granddaughter of Edward Watkin's Clark, by his second wife, Louisa.  She has kindly provided us with her great great grandmother's autobiography.  As Edward only had two wives this fills out Edward's story.

These stories are remarkable accounts of remarkable lives, from Wolverhampton to Salt Lake City and much in between. They are linked below.

Version 1 of Edward's autobiography
Version  2 of Edward's biography
Lucy's biography
Louisa's biography

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