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The ancestry of Edward Lisle can be traced back to a William Lisle, whose son John (who was the only member of the family to spell his name "Lile") was born in 1717 at Flockton in the West Riding.

John Lile married Mary Rhodes on the 17th April 1735, at Fishlake, West Riding.

John and Mary’s son Thomas, born on 21st September 1735 at Emley, West Riding, married Ann Healewell on 28th November 1763 at High Hoyland, West Riding.

Thomas and Anne’s son John, was born in 1771 at High Hoyland and married Ann Beswick on 14th December 1788 at Cawthorne, West Riding.

Thomas and Anne’s son, John Richard Lisle was born on 23rd October 1790 and came to Wolverhampton from Cawthorne in the West Riding. He must have made this move sometime before 1815 because, in Wolverhampton that year he married Mary Ann Dalton from Sedgley. He was a ledger clerk for a flour milling company and lived in Chapel Street. By the time of his retirement he was a property owner in Dudley Road. He died in 1862 and was buried in Merridale Cemetery. He had five children:

Amy, born 1815
Richard, born 1820
Thomas, born 1823
Mary, born 1826, died 1832
John, born 1828

John’s two sons, Richard and Thomas ran a japanning and tin smithing company. After 1850 (when Blakenhall was first developed for building) both of them lived in Blakenhall. Richard lived in Franchise Street and later, on his second marriage, in Park Street South.

Richard had four children by his first marriage to Ann Albiston: Alfred (born 1843), Henry (born 1850), Edward (born 1852) and Mary Ann (1854-1857). Ann Albiston died in 1854.

On 15th October 1855 Richard married Phoebe Griffiths (who had, before her marriage, lived in Railway Street) and had four more children: James (born 1858), Joseph (born 1859), Thomas Griffiths (born 1861) and Mary Ann (born 1865).

So Edward Lisle was born to Richard and Anne in 1852, while they were living in Franchise Street. His mother, Anne, died only two years later, giving birth to a daughter, Mary Ann. Both mother and daughter had consumption and Mary Ann died in 1858 when she was only three years old.

Edward’s education was typical of those days. There was no church school in his area so he was taught privately until he was eight years old. Then he attended St. Luke’s church school, which was built in 1860. He stayed there until 1866, leaving when he was fourteen and going to work for his father, Richard, and uncle, Thomas.

Edward Lisle married twice. His first wife was Elizabeth Rollings, whom he married on 17th November 1872 in St. Leonard’s Church, Bilston. They had one child, Elizabeth, born in 1873. But Edwards first wife dies, aged only 21, in 1873.

His second wife was Sarah Ann (Sadie) Rollings, Elizabeth's sister. (He needed and got, a special dispensation from the church to marry his deceased wife's sister.)  Sadie had been born in 1858 (and was not to die until 1934). They were married about September 1875, in Stafford. With Sadie Edward had 12 more children:

Edward, junior 1878
Joseph (Joe) 1880
Amy Beswick 1882
John 1884)
Frank 1884) (this twin died as a child)
Richard (Dick) 1886
Thomas Arthur 1888
Alexander William 1891
Percy Goodman 1893
Dorothy 1894
Charles F. 1896
Ethel Louise (Birdie) 1898

Edward Lisle senior was the creator of the Star and Briton companies and his sons were greatly involved with them too. 

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