The fascinating photographs, so evocative of their time, were all provided by Peter Lisle, from his family collection.

Edward Lisle. This photograph was taken in his later years


Edward and Sadie Lisle, with Dorothy Lisle facing them.

These were the Lisles' own horses and carriage.


Sir Alfred Hickman, Bart., of Tinegar Hall, Wightwick, an MP for Wolverhampton on the 1903 Star Gordon Bennett racer.

This photograph appeared in the Autocar on the 9th May 1903.

The magazine's caption reads:

"Sir Alfred Hickman, M.P., starting for a drive on the 80 hp Star with Mr. Joe Lisle at the wheel. 

The photograph was taken in the grounds of Sir Alfred Hickman, at Wightwick, near Wolverhampton.  Sir Alfred enjoyed a drive of 50 miles or 80 in the car and expressed himself as delighted with it.  He was particularly pleased when the car was making the highest speeds".
Briton and Star cars at the Feathers Hotel. (Stephen Myatt has identified it as the Feathers Hotel in Ledbury).

Edward Lisle senior is at the wheel of a Star. Sir James Percy, a journalist, is with Joe Lisle.

Edward Lisle at the wheel of a Briton with Sir James Percy.  The car behind is a Star.
Star cars at the British Camp Hotel.  Joe Lisle and Sir James Percy standing by the Star.
The Hundred House at Norton (?).  Fred Lisle and Robert Sankey (of Sankeys, at Wellington) are standing by the door.  Catherine Lisle is about the enter the Star car.
Joe Lisle standing by a Star with Mr. Sharratt standing by.
Two Star cars at Whiteladies Priory, near Wolverhampton.

Left to right:  Dick Beddard, Robert Sankey, Fred Lisle and Catherine Lisle  (Dick Beddard was the vet who looked after Edward Lisle's horses). 

Paul Robinson kindly points out that this photo does not show Whiteladies.  I now think it may show Lilleshall - before they took all the ivy off.

Two Star cars at Tong with Fred Lisle and Catherine Lisle.
A Star car at Chillington Cross, with Catherine Lisle and Fred Lisle behind her; Dick Beddard at the wheel.
Joe Lisle's home during the time he was with Star cars until 1931.

Glen Tower, The Avenue, Compton, Wolverhampton.

A view of Glen Tower from the garden at the rear.
Playing bowls at Glen Tower. 

Left to right:  Mr. Devine (the book keeper), Joe Lisle, Mr. Currie, Cecil Cathie (the sales director).

This photo of a photo shows The Manor, Standlake, Oxfordshire, where Joe Lisle and his family moved to after leaving Star in 1931.

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